University Administration and Key Personnel

William C. Clohan, JD
President and Chief Executive Officer 

Wayne Fletcher, EdD, MBA
Chief Operating Officer

Jeb Egbert, EdD

Debi Gerger, RDH, MPH
Assistant Provost, Curriculum and Instruction 

Renee Schweitzer, MSN, FNP, RN 
Vice President, University Relations

Jeffrey Cross, MBA
Vice President, Admissions

Arte Libunao, MBA
Executive Director, Campus Operations

Lisa Schaffer, JD, MBA 
University Director, Accreditation and Licensing

Mark Riddle, PhD 
University Director, Educational Effectiveness

Tina Newton, MA, MBA 
University Director, International Education

Adam Krisan, DHEd, MS 
University Chair, General Education

Robyn Nelson, PhD, MSN, RN 
Dean, College of Nursing

Chiarina Piazza, PhD. RN 
Associate Dean, College of Nursing

Jeremy Morales, EdD 
Manager, Academic Planning and Support

Galina Belokurova, PhD, MPP, MSci 
Assistant Director, Institutional Research

Jan Kuebel-Hernandez, MLIS 
University Librarian

Rochelle Asanti 
University Director, Student Affairs

Christina Rivera 
University Director, Career Services

Steve Burns,  MBA, MAEd 
University Registrar

Christina Downey
Regional Director, Admissions

Julie France 
Director, Clinical Development

Shared Services Administration

Sandy Pham, MPH 
President of Shared Services and Chief Financial Officer

Segar Annamalai 
Chief Information Officer

Cindy Chrispell 
Interim, Vice President, Human Resources

Valerie Mendelsohn, JD
Vice President, Compliance and Risk Management

Marilyn Faller, MS 
Vice President, Financial Aid

Celia Ffrench 
Vice President, Marketing

Marwan Alamat, MBA 
Vice President, Online Operations

Rob Koran, MBA 
Vice President, Facilities and Asset Management

Andrea Burgess
Director, Communications 

Amanda Schroeder, EdD, MS
Corporate Director, Financial Aid 

Suzanne Schriber
Director, Marketing

Tim Berg, MS
Director, Compliance