Challenge Credit

California Campuses:

West Coast University can award a maximum of 30 credits total  for  Challenge Examinations, College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests, Advanced Placement (AP exams),  and from United States Military work and training experiences for applicants to undergraduate programs. Specifically,  a maximum of 12 credits can be awarded for Challenge Examinations, CLEP, and AP testing (or any combination thereof), and  a maximum of 24 credits may be awarded  based on military work or training experience.

College Level Examinations (CLEP), Advanced Placement (AP), and Challenge Examination Policy

Students can earn a maximum of 12 General Education credits through credit by examination to include CLEP, AP, and WCU Challenge Examinations or any combination thereof. West Coast University will evaluate CLEP and AP exam scores using the tables outlined below.  To be considered for evaluation, students must submit the appropriate exam score documentation directly to West Coast University from the testing agency. Duplicate credit shall not be granted to students who have achieved minimum AP or CLEP exam scores and have taken the equivalent course at West Coast University.  Credits earned through these standardized examinations do not count toward a student’s cumulative grade point average (CGPA).

Credit by Examination Requirements:

1. A student cannot receive credit by CLEP, AP, or Challenge Examination for a WCU course that the student earned a failing or Non-Passing grade in.

2. Students must submit official CLEP and/or AP exam transcripts by the deadlines mandated for post-secondary transcripts in order to be evaluated for credit.

3. Students who present CLEP and/or AP exam transcripts that do not meet the minimum required scores shall not receive credit; CLEP and/or AP exam transcripts showing an exam retake shall not be considered for evaluation.

4. Students who present CLEP and/or AP exam transcripts that do not meet the minimum required scores shall not be allowed to apply for a West Coast University Challenge Examination for the
corresponding General Education course.

5. AP and CLEP credit shall be applied only to fulfill General Education credit requirements. Courses in the major academic core are not eligible for credit by CLEP or AP examination.

6. The University shall not provide credit for CLEP General Examinations. Only CLEP Subject Examinations will be evaluated for credit.

 Florida and Texas Campuses:

West Coast University allows students to “challenge” a course in some programs of study for which they have earned prior credit but for which credit was not transferred upon matriculation due to the amount of time that elapsed since that credit was originally earned. Challenge credit is not an available option for all WCU academic programs, and the student is encouraged to confirm availability of this option directly with the program. If the challenge credit option is available, the student must submit a Challenge Exam Application Form to the Director of Student Services at the campus they are attending and comply with the following requirements:

  1. Students will only be allowed to take a challenge examination if they meet the general and program-specific criteria. If the request to challenge a course is approved, and the student passes the appropriate examination, credits earned for classes challenged will be valid for 12 months from the time the exam is taken. Once a student matriculates, the course requirement is removed from the student’s program of study and posted to the transcript, becoming a permanent part of the student’s academic record. If the challenge examination is not successfully passed, the course requirement will remain in the student’s program of study.
  2. The student must declare which courses he/she would like to challenge and must gain approval from the program’s academic administration. Each program has its own unique requirements and deadlines for submitting a challenge examination application.
  3. Students may not apply for a challenge exam for courses in which they are currently enrolled or have previously taken at West Coast University. A course may be challenged only one time. Each program has established its own passing grade requirements for challenge exams, and no more than twelve (12) semester credits may be earned through challenge examinations
  4. Credits earned through challenge examinations do not count towards the in-residence requirements or towards a student’s cumulative grade point average (CGPA). In addition, a student’s financial aid may be affected if challenge credit is received; therefore students considering challenging a course should consult with their campus Financial Aid Officer on the impact of doing so.
  5. A non-refundable fee of $100 will be charged per exam. All nursing clinical course challenge exams require a non-refundable fee of $500 per exam. The fee must be paid prior to the exam and is not included as part of the student’s financial aid package.
  6. The University’s decision on a student’s eligibility to take a specific challenge exam is final and may not be appealed. If a student achieves credit by successfully challenging a course and passing the challenge exam, no guarantee is made that the student will advance his or her degree completion date. Degree acceleration will be based on space availability.

CLEP Minimum Scores and General Education Equivalencies:

A student who seeks credit to be awarded by taking the CLEP examination must achieve a minimum score of 50.  Credit may be awarded with the achievement of the minimum CLEP score in College Composition, College Composition Modular, Human Growth and Development, Introductory Psychology, Calculus, Chemistry, College Algebra, College Mathematics, and Precalculus. 

AP Minimum Scores and General Education Equivalencies:

A student may receive credit for coursework if they achieved a minimum score of 3 in AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Psychology and AP Statistics. 

Military and Training Credit:

Former and current military service personnel are allowed to receive credit for any West Coast University course providing they meet certain criteria. The appropriate program Dean/Chair and the Registrar’s Office shall be responsible for determining the final credit award. 

West Coast University students may be awarded a maximum of 24 undergraduate course credits for previous military training or work experience.  

Current and former military service personnel shall be required to provide WCU with an official copy of their Joint Services Transcript, which is then evaluated by registrar’s office using the American Council on Education (ACE) system.  This document provides official information about an individual’s previous education/training and work experience while in the military.