Nursing Challenge Exam Additional Requirements

Additional Nursing program-specific requirements include:

  1. Students must be accepted into the nursing program in order to challenge a nursing course.
  2. Students may not challenge a nursing course where there is evidence that a similar nursing course has been taken in the past for which the grade received was below a C.
  3. Students who want to attempt a challenge examination for a clinical course must first: 1) transfer in credit for the related theory course or 2) pass the theory course challenge exam prior to attempting the clinical challenge examination.
  4. Students must satisfactorily meet all prerequisites of any courses prior to taking the challenge examination.
  5. Students who attempt and did not pass a lower level nursing course with a clinical component may not challenge a higher level nursing course with a clinical component.
  6. Challenge examinations for pre-licensure courses include HESI, ATI or other similar standardized computer examinations. The grade necessary to pass is outlined in the associated course syllabus.
    1. Students should acquaint themselves with the syllabus requirements for any course they wish to challenge.
    2. Nursing students must complete any NURS designated challenge examinations within the first two terms of entering the first nursing (core) course.
    3. Students must first successfully pass the challenged course prior to being allowed to enroll in a course that has this course as a pre/co-requisite.
    4. Students, who are unable to successfully challenge the requested course by the start date of that course, must enroll in the course.
    5. Students who wish to challenge a course must submit their application at least 4 weeks prior to the time when they would like to take the exam.
  7. Additional information may be required prior to scheduling a challenge examination for clinical courses, such as immunization status, health records, background check, drug screening, fire and BLS cards (i.e.-clinical packet information).