Florida Tuition and Fees

Effective for students enrolling Fall I 2017 term and thereafter.

Undergraduate Programs1 Nursing

Degree Earned Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science
Semester Credits
120 1202
Total Semesters
General Education Courses $572
(per credit X 46 credits)
(per credit X 46 credits)

Core Courses
(Nursing & Non-Nursing Core)3
(per credit X 74 credits)

(per credit X 65 credits)

Total Tuition Cost (Full-Time - not including additional fees)  $82,626 $75,852
 Registration Fee (Refundable) $75 $75 
First Year Seminar Course Fee
(FYS 001)
$500 $500
Estimate for Supplies & 
Licensure Prep.4
$1,945 $1,945
Estimate for Uniforms4  $130 $130
Estimated Total Book Costs4 $4,543 $4,477
Estimated Total Book Shipping Cost4 $454 $448
Overload Status5  (if applicable) $800 $800
Supplemental Learning Resource Fee6 (if applicable) $200 $200
Estimated Total Program Costs





1 West Coast University also offers certain online courses to students enrolled in on-ground programs.  If a student enrolled in an on-ground program chooses to take a course or courses offered online, he/she will be subject to a Technology fee of $50 per credit hour per course in addition to the tuition charges listed above.

2 Includes 9 transfer credits for LPN license.  

3 Non-nursing core includes PATH 370 and PHIL 434.  

4 The Total Book, Uniform and Supply costs reflect the Manufactures Suggested Retail Price totals compiled in January 2017 and are subject to change.  

5 All credits taken in a single semester which exceed 18 credits will be charged at $800 per credit.

6 If a student is conditionally accepted into the University, additional materials must be purchased.  Please see the Conditional Acceptance Disclosure found in the enrollment packet for additional information.  



*Students who wish to take Challenge Exams will be subject to a fee of $100 for each Challenge exam.  Please see your campus Bursar Office for a full price listing.

**Tuition, fees, and supply costs are subject to change as stated in the enrollment agreement.