Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Effective for students starting on or after June 10, 2019 (Summer I term).

Bachelor Of Science In Nursing (BSN)
Degree Type Bachelor of Science
Total Program Credits 120
Program Length (Full-Time)
 8 semesters
General Education (per credit x 46 credits)   $599
Core Courses (per credit x. 74 credits) (nursing & non-nursing1) $799
Total Tuition Costs $86,680
Registration Fee (refundable) $75
Estimated Total Book Costs2 $4,814
Estimated Total Book Shipping Cost2 $481
Estimate for Uniforms2 $130
Estimate for Supplies & Licensure Preparation2 $1,945
Technology Fee3 ($100 per semester) $800 
First Year Seminar Course Fee4 (FYS 001) $500
Supplemental, Learning Resource Fee4 $275
Estimated Total Program Costs $95,700

 Non-nursing core includes PATH 370 and PHIL 434.

2  The Estimated Book, Uniform, and Supply costs reflect the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price totals compiled in December 2018 and are subject to change.   

3 The Technology Fee includes costs for online course delivery, augmented reality equipment, V-SIM and Skills Labs course materials.  

4  The First Year Seminar Course Fee and Supplemental Learning Resource Fee will be waived for veterans, active duty military, and dependents of active duty military.  

Note 1:  Students who wish to take Challenge Exams will be subject to a fee of $100 for each Challenge exam.  Please see the campus Bursar Office for a full price listing.  

Note 2:  Course Audits - If a course(s) is being audited.  credits for these courses will be included for the student's schedule status for billing, based on the schedule statuses and amounts shown above.  Pre-licensure Nursing students should refer to the program's Dismissal Policy for information surrounding course auditing.  1Students enrolled less than 1/2-Time are billed by the credit hour.