Add/Drop Period

The Add/Drop period occurs within the first week (seven (7) calendar days (excluding holidays) of a 8- or 10-week term of instruction. During this period, students may add or drop classes. Charges will be adjusted based on hours attended. Students dropping all classes will be treated as a withdrawal from the University.  Dropped courses occurring within this period will not appear on students’ transcripts nor will these dropped courses be included in evaluating student maximum allowable time frame specific to satisfactory academic progress. As long as the student remains enrolled in the University, the University will refund 100 percent of the amount paid for institutional charges relating to the course or courses dropped during the Add/Drop period, with a deduction for equipment not returned in new, unopened condition within fourteen (14) days of dropping the associated course. 

Refunds due based on the Add/Drop period will be processed within 30 days.  New students may be admitted during this period provided they attend at least one scheduled class during the Add/Drop period. Students will not be admitted after the Add/Drop period without approval from the campus Executive Director and the applicable program Dean/Chair. Tuition adjustments will not be made after the first week of the term.

Please Note: Students who withdraw/drop from a course (s) within the MSOT or DPT programs will be withdrawn from the University.  Refer to the program handbook for more information.