Clinical Work, Practicum and Fieldwork Experience Fair Practice Standards

When clinical rotations, practicum and fieldwork experiences are required for the student’s degree program, it is an essential and invaluable component of student’s education. These experiences are a natural and logical extension of their education, and are consistent with the University mission as an effort to ensure graduates are prepared for their professional careers. As such, the following policy ensures that students get the maximum educational value and from their clinical rotations, practicum and fieldwork experience.


As applicable to the program of study:

  1. West Coast University’s students are not to be paid for any of the activities they perform during their clinical rotations.
  2. Clinical Affiliate sites are not to reduce their personnel as a result of the acceptance to host West Coast University clinical students.
  3. A clinical instructor or preceptor is to be present at all times during the procedures in which students are actively involved in a clinical setting.
  4. Students are allowed to procure gainful employment outside of their scheduled clinical rotation session hours.