Consortium Agreement for Taking Classes at Another Campus

To provide additional flexibility for students, each campus has entered into a Consortium Agreement, whereby students enrolled at one campus (their “home” campus) may take courses at another campus (the “host” campus), if the courses are offered and available. A student who wishes to enroll in courses offered at another campus must:

  • Notify the Campus Registrar of his/her intent so that he/she can be registered in the course at the appropriate campus and attendance and grades can be tracked;

  • Continue to seek services, such as counseling, career services and financial aid, at the home campus;

  • Complete a minimum of 35% of credits for a bachelor degree program at the home campus;

  • Comply with the policies and regulations for whichever the campus he/she is attending;

Additionally, space must be available in the host campus course for which the student wishes to enroll.

This policy applies to full courses that a student wishes to enroll in at another West Coast University campus, and does not allow for students to attend and receive credit for individual classes held within a term at other campuses. This policy does not apply to students enrolled in any academic program which is offered at only one campus.