Course Audit Policy

The purpose of auditing a course is to enhance personal and professional growth. If class space permits, a student may audit a course as long as written approval is granted from the instructor prior to the start of the term or semester. Students are required to attend classes but are not required to submit assignments or take exams. The amount of participation required of auditing students is left to the discretion of the instructor. A limit of one audit course may be taken in any given term/semester.  No traditional letter grade is issued and the student will not receive credit for the course. The course will appear on the student’s transcript with a notation of “AU” (audited).

Once a student has enrolled in a course for regular credit, the student cannot change to an audit status after the add/drop deadline. Courses taken on an audit basis fulfill no curricular requirements and students are prohibited from auditing courses required for their program unless they have previously completed the requirement. Undergraduate students may not audit graduate level courses.

Audited courses do not apply in meeting full-time status requirements for financial aid.  Students who audit a course will incur the same tuition costs and fees as those students who take the course for credit.