Exception Policy

Exceptions to academic policies may be occasionally allowed for compelling reasons and are granted only when circumstances exceed a student's control.  Ignorance of or forgetting the details about a policy do not justify grounds for an exception.

A written petition for an exception should be submitted to the program Dean’s/Chair’s  or Director's office. If the Chair or Dean supports the recommended exception, he or she will review with the campus Executive Director and then forward to the Provost or Vice President of Operations.  The Provost or Vice President of Operations will review the petition and contact the petitioner and/or parties involved for additional information or verification (if necessary) and render a decision. The decision made by the Provost or Vice President of Operations is final. All exceptions will require documentation including the signature of the Provost, Vice President of Operations or Designee. By virtue of the request, the requester authorizes the university to examine any pertinent record or contact any party from whom information is needed to make an informed decision.