Pass/No Pass Policy

Clinical, capstone, and independent study courses may use a "pass"/"no pass" grading system.  Course syllabi will indicate the course requirements, and if a student performs satisfactorily in a “Pass/No Pass” course, a "P" will be recorded in the Academic Record. Failure to perform satisfactorily will be recorded as an "NP". 


Receipt of a "P" or "NP" will not be included in the calculation of the grade point average. The "NP" credits will not count as Earned Credits but will count as Attempted Credits and be factored into the Incremental Completion Rate for the student.  These credits count toward meeting graduation requirements. Other grade-related policies (e.g., withdrawal deadlines and assignment of "W" or assignment of "I" for incomplete) apply to "Passed/Not Passed" classes, as well.


Students who receive a “NP” grade in a course must re-take the given course within two terms of the grade being issued. Receipt of a “NP” grade will also be factored into the University's Failed Courses policy.