Withdraw Failure-WF

If a student requests to withdraw from a course after the first day of the 6th week of the scheduled course for 10-week courses or after the first day of the 9th week for courses in the MSOT, DPT, and PharmD programs, the student will receive a grade of “WF” which means “Withdraw Failure.”  In other words, the student fails the course, but does so because they have withdrawn after the approved withdrawal period.  A grade of “WF” will be calculated towards a student’s Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) and will also reflect as “credits attempted”, but not earned.  Both the CGPA and credits attempted/credits earned are included in Satisfactory Academic Progress calculations.  Dropping a course after the above-mentioned deadlines may have serious implications on a student’s academic standing; therefore, students are urged to discuss the possibility of withdrawing from a class with their respective academic dean or chair before doing so.  The “WF” grade will also apply to students who are dropped after these deadlines due to exceeding attendance thresholds.  The “WF” grade acts as both a withdrawal and a failure in regards to the University’s withdrawal, class repeat, failed courses, and class re-take policies.  Please refer to the individual policies for additional information.