PT 745 Evidence-Based Practice III

This is the third course in the student’s three-course Evidence-Based series and is an accumulation of the foundational evidence-based, statistical and article analysis information presented to the students in PT 725 and PT 735. This course builds upon that foundation and creates a functional clinical evidence-based practice environment through increasing awareness of the use of technology and the organization of information to improve patient outcomes. This course is taken concurrently with the student’s 15 week Clinical Internship 1 offered in Spring year 3. The student will be expected to be proficient in performing the following after completion of the course: perform evidence-based literature searches, have the knowhow in regards to setting up journal and topic email alerts in an effort to have the newest information “pushed” to them, be familiar with current practice guidelines, establish a strong foundation regarding outcome tools of the spine, extremities and other orthopaedic and neurological condition as well as be familiar with analysis of practice and the creation of minimum data sheets for various conditions seen in the clinical environment and within their own proposed research project.

This is an online course.




PT 730, PT 732, PT 735, PT 740, PT 744, PT 772E, PT 773E, PT 774E and; Elective (PT 772E, PT 773E, or PT 774E)