Reinstatement Process for Students with No Appeal or Denied Appeals

A student who has been academically dismissed for not making satisfactory academic progress (failing to meet the minimum CGPA or rate of progress requirements) may request reinstatement after a semester on dismissal from the program Dean/Chair. In order to qualify for reinstatement, the student must provide documentation that the issues that led to dismissal have been resolved, evidence of remediation, or both to the program Dean/Chair. The program Dean/Chair will consider factors such as grades, attendance, account balance, conduct, and the student’s commitment to complete the degree program within the maximum timeframe allowed within the University’s policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress in making a decision to reinstate a student.

Dismissed students who are reinstated will sign a new enrollment agreement, be charged tuition consistent with the existing published rate at the time they are reinstated, and be subject to the current policies in effect at the time of their reinstatement. Students who are reinstated under these circumstances will remain in reinstatement status and be ineligible to receive Federal Student Financial Aid until the semester following the semester in which the student’s cumulative GPA is 3.0 or higher and the student’s rate (pace) of progress is at or above 50%. At this point, the student will be returned to regular status and again become eligible for federal financial aid programs.