Admission to Programs with Prerequisite Requirements

West Coast University offers several programs that require prospective students to have completed prerequisite requirements prior to admission.  Prospective students who meet all other requirements for admission, but who lack prerequisite coursework required for admission may be admitted and enrolled in the program, however must complete prerequisite coursework prior to entering any core courses for their program. 

The following criteria will be used to determine if a prospective student, who has not completed all prerequisite course requirements is eligible for admission.

  1. Should the admissions criteria include a requirement to have earned a specified degree, the prospective student must have completed all coursework required to earn the degree and be scheduled for graduation in the required program as documented by an official transcript.
  2. Preparatory coursework may not be taken to improve a student’s cumulative grade point average in order to meet the admissions requirements of a program.
  3. Prospective students may choose to take preparatory courses at West Coast University or at another accredited institution, however, only those who take the courses at West Coast University are eligible for admission.
  4. Prior to registering for preparatory coursework, the student must have provided documentation to the Admissions department demonstrating that the student has met all other requirements for admission. 
    1. The student may not be admitted to or enrolled in any courses in the program for which the preparatory course is prerequisite until the preparatory coursework is successfully completed.
    2. All preparatory courses must be passed with a minimum grade of C+.
    3. All preparatory coursework must be completed within a calendar year.  

Individuals accepted under this clause should refer to the Financial Policies and Information Section of the Catalog for additional information about assistance options.