General Education

Moore, Sherri, MBA, BA  
Academic Dean 
M.B.A., International Business Administration - Wesleyan College
B.A., Psychology - Fort Valley State University

Al- Assal, Ahmed, MD, CNIM
Associate Professor
M.B.Ch.B., Medicine - Iraq at Baghdad University

Ali, Jawad, MFA
Instructor II
M.F.A., Writing/Critical Studies - California Institute of the Arts
B.S., Physics and Minor in Comparative Literature - University of California, Irvine

Baroon, Ali, MD
Instructor II
M.D., Medical Science and Human Services - University of Copenhagen
M.S., Health Sciences - University of Copenhagen

Blezinski, Briauna, MS
Instructor I
M.S., Modern Human Anatomy - University of Colorado, Denver
B.S., Physiology - University of Arizona

Entezampour, Mo, MSBS, PhD 
Chair, Science; Associate Professor
Doctorate of Philosophy in Molecular Biology - University of North Texas
M.S., Molecular Biology  - University of North Texas
B.S., Biology/Chemistry  - North Texas State University

Jahani, Amir, MSBS
Assistant Professor
M.S., Biological Science - University of North Texas
B.S., Biological Science - North Texas State University

Jawad, Ali, MBA, MA 
Instructor II 
M.B.A., Marketing and Advertising - University of Saint Mary
M.A., English  - California State University of Fullerton
B.A., English  - California State University of Fullerton

Karimi, Susan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Microbiology and Immunology - Indiana University
B.S., Biology - Indiana University Purdue University


Nakshbandi, Abdulla, MD

Instructor II

M.D. - University of Pec School of Medicine

M.Sc., Clinical Dermatology - University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Petersen, Evan, MA
Assistant Professor 
M.A., Mathematics - San Francisco State University
B.A., Mathematics - University of California, Berkeley

Pinson, Paul, MS 
Instructor II 
M.S., Sociology - Texas South University
B.S., Sociology and Minor in Criminal Justice - Texas South University

Poet, Anthony, PhD
Ed.D., Special Programs and Exceptional Education - Nova Southeastern University
M.A., Organizational Management - University of Phoenix
B.S., Sociology - Arizona State University

Robles, Mario, PhD
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Pharmacology/Toxicology - University of California, Irvine
M.S., Chemistry - California State University, Los Angeles
B.A., Biology/Chemistry - University of California, Los Angeles

Sirossian, Shahrokh, MS
Assistant Professor
M.S., Chemistry - Texas Southern University
B.S., Chemistry - Huston-Tillotson University
A.S., Chemistry - Austin Community College 

Song, Fengyu, PhD
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Dental Science - Indiana University, School of Dentistry
M.S., Medical Science - West China University of Medical Science

B.S., Medical Science (Dentistry) - West China University of Medical Science

Yang, Zhenyun, MSZ, Ph. D.
Associate Professor
Doctorate of Philosophy in Anatomy and Cell Biology - Indiana University 
M.S., Zoology - East China Normal University
B.S., Biology Education - Suzhou Railway Teacher's College