Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Degree Type Bachelor of Science
Total Program Credits 120
Program Length 8 semesters
Full-Time Status(12 to 18 credits) $12,930
3/4-Time Status (9 to 11 credits)
1/2-Time Status (6 to 8 credits)
Less than 1/2-Time Status (under 6 credits) (per credit)
Total Tuition Cost (Full-Time)  $103,440
Registration Fee (refundable) $75
Estimated Total Book Costs1 $5,013
Estimated Total Book Shipping Cost1 $501
Estimate for Uniforms Fee1 $130
Estimate for Supplies & Licensure Preparation Fees1 $1,945
Technology Fee2 ($100 per semester) $800
General Education Resource Fee3 $275
Estimated Total Program Costs $112,179

1 The Estimated Book, Uniform and Supply fees reflect the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price totals compiled in December 2020 and are subject to change.  

2 Technology Fee includes student technical support, Office 365, blended and online course delivery/learning management system, mobile app, student portal technology and access, and require electronic course materials/software.

3 The General Education Resource Fee will be waived for Active Duty, Active Duty Spouse, Reserve, Reserve Spouse, Veterans, Veteran Spouse, Department of Defense employees, dependents utilizing parent's veteran's education benefits, and Veterans Affairs employees.  

Note 1:  Students who wish to take Challenge Exams will be subject to a fee of $100 for each Challenge exam.  Please see the campus Bursar Office for a full price listing.  

Note 2:  Course Audits - If a course(s) is being audited, credits for these courses will be included for the student's schedule status for billing, based on the schedule statuses and amounts shown above.  Pre-licensure Nursing students should refer to the program's Dismissal Policy for information surrounding course auditing.  

Note 3:  The Total Tuition Cost can be converted to Cost per Credit Hour by using the following calculation:  

  Total Tuition Cost ($103,440) divided by the Total Program Credits (120) = Cost per Credit Hour ($862).