Nursing (ADN), Associate Degree

Program Location
Program Credits
67 Credits
Program Length
4 Semesters,  80 Instructional Weeks
Time to Complete
20 Months

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Code: 29-1141.00

Associate degree nursing education provides the basic education necessary to become a registered nurse.  Graduates are eligible to sit for NCLEX-RN licensing examination and, if licensed, may practice in structured care settings, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, and offices.  Associate degree nursing education incorporates nursing knowledge, knowledge of key biological and social sciences, and study of the humanities.  The length of the program is 20 months and 67 total credits.

Description of Clinical requirements

  1. In the clinical setting, critical competencies include Therapeutic Nursing, Skills/Safety, the Nursing Process, Accountability and Responsibility, Communication and Collaboration, and Professional Growth and Development.The curriculum includes 14 semester credits of clinical course work totaling 630 hours of clinical practice.
  2. Students must pass both theory and the concurrent clinical with at least a 76 percent to progress to the next term.
  3. Clinical competencies are written that define and describe the level of competency for the beginning, intermediate and advanced level of nursing student.
  4. The curriculum offers a professive level of theoretical instruction and supervised clinical practice, which ranges from common to complex, and ensures coverage of critical concepts that directly reflect the mission, philosophy, and objectives of the nursing program.

ADN Curriculum

This curriculum applies to students matriculating or reentering after January 1, 2020.

General Education Requirements

All science courses must have been taken within the last five calendar years, unless the student possesses a degree or advanced degree in the specific field of study for which the student is seeking transfer credit.  Additional information regarding transfer credit is located in the university's catalog under Transfer Credit policy or below.  


Category and Requirements  WCU Course Requirements  Transferable / Options 
 A1 - First Year Seminar1  None  None

A2- Written

(3 Semester Credits Minimum) 

*ENGL 140 (3):  Written Communication I

Any equivalent courses that meet the
General Education categorical requirements.

A3. Oral Communication

(2.5 Semester Credits

*SPCH 142 (3):  Oral Communication

Any equivalent courses that meet the
General Education categorical requirements.

A4. Quantitative 

(3 Semester Credits and 2 Courses Minimum)

MATH 108 (3):  College Mathematics I

Any equivalent courses that meet the
General Education categorical requirements.

B1– Social and Behavioral Sciences / Cultural
Diversity, Tradition

(6 Semester Credits Minimum)

*PSYC 160 (3):  Psychology

*PSYC 290 (3):  Life Span Psychology

Equivalent to PSYC 160

Equivalent to PSYC 290

Any equivalent courses that meet the
General Education categorical requirements.

B2. Life and Physical

(12 Semester Credits and 2 Labs

ANAT 260 (4):  Human Anatomy

PHYS 261 (4):  Human Physiology

MICR 290 (4):  General Microbiology

Equivalent to ANAT 260

Equivalent to PHYS 261

Equivalent to MICR 290

A minimum of 27 credits is required for graduation. 

*As of April 2019, this course will be delivered online, asynchronously, through the institution's Learning Management System except where otherwise authorized by the Program Dean/Director.

1 The following courses are to be taken at WCU:  FYS 001

Core Nursing Courses

NURS 103Fundamentals of Nursing


NURS 104LFundamentals of Nursing Skills Lab


NURS 122Introduction to Medical Surgical Nursing


NURS 123LIntroduction to Medical Surgical Nursing Practicum


NURS 181Pharmacology


NURS 191Physical Assessment


NURS 208Medical Surgical Nursing Older Adult


NURS 223Mental Health/Older Adult Nursing


NURS 224LMedical Surgical & Mental Health Nursing Care of the Older Adult Practicum


NURS 308Expanding and Developing Family


NURS 318LExpanding and Developing Family Practicum


NURS 424Principles of Leadership and Management


NURS 482Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing


NURS 483LAdvanced Medical Surgical Nursing Practicum


NURS 484Capstone


Total Credit Hours:40.0

Program Credit Distribution

General Education Semester Credits 
Core Nursing Courses 
Total Program Semester Credits 


ADN Program Costs

For program costs, please see the Undergraduate Tuition and Fees section.