General Education

General Education Mission

The General Education program has been designed to facilitate students’ acquisition and application of knowledge through intellectual stimulation, scientific methodology, information and computer literacy, and communication competencies. Students master problem solving abilities necessary for success in the core curriculum and with application to personal and professional growth and well-being beyond the curriculum.

General Education Philosophy

Courses in the General Education program provide an academic foundation to prepare students for higher level inquiry in their chosen disciplines and prepare them to be responsible, ethical citizens in a global society. Content is constructed to build academic and analytical skills to further enhance educational, professional, and personal development. The program is designed to advance student’s knowledge and skills in reading comprehension, professional writing, and the development of appropriate comportment that is expected in work settings.

General Education Program Learning Outcomes

All undergraduate programs include a general education component. The leaning outcomes for general education are:

  1. Demonstrate competent written communication skills
  2. Demonstrate effective oral communication skills
  3. Interpret quantitative data using mathematical principles to effectively identify core issues and solve problems
  4. Locate disparate information through multiple sources demonstrating technological and informational literacy 
  5. Demonstrate critical thinking skills by analyzing complex issues and interpreting diverse perspectives in order to make conclusive, ethical and defensible decisions


WCYou Experience Requirement (FYS 001 or FYS 002)

The WCYou Experience (FYS 001) for students at a ground campus and (FYS 002) for students in an online program is designed to support students as they transition to West Coast University, by introducing and connecting them to the culture and expectations of the University through curricular and co-curricular topics created to build a foundation for student success. Within the First Year Seminar (FYS 001 or FYS 002) course, students will be provided information about campus services, resources, academic support, student life, and the WCU culture. 

Students are required to successfully complete WCYou Experience FYS 001 or FYS 002 in the first term at West Coast University.  If a student does not successfully complete FYS 001 or FYS 002 due to drop, withdrawal or failure, the student will be enrolled in the course in their second term and must successfully complete the course at that time.  Students who do not successfully complete FYS 001 of FYS 002 by the end of their second term may be subject to dismissal from WCU.