Graduate Academic and Financial Aid Warning

Students will be placed on academic and financial aid warning when their cumulative grade point average (CGPA) falls below the program requirement or they fail to complete the minimum requirement of all coursework taken (rate of progress) in the program at the end of any evaluation period in which coursework was taken. A student will be notified of warning status in writing.

The financial aid warning period will last the duration of one semester/trimester, during which time the student will be given the opportunity to raise his or her CGPA to the minimum program requirement and/or meet the completion requirement (rate of progress). During the period on warning, the student remains eligible for Federal Student Financial Aid.

If, at the end of the period on warning, a student raises his or her CGPA and rate of progress to or above the minimum standards for satisfactory academic progress, the student will be removed from warning and returned to regular status. A determination of academic and financial aid warning status may not be appealed.