Maximum Program Completion Timeframe for Graduate Students

Students are expected to complete their program within the defined maximum program completion time, which may not exceed 200% of the normal time frame.  MSOT students may not exceed 150% of the normal time frame. The University measures program length based on semester/trimester credit units; therefore, a student is not allowed to attempt more than 200% (150% for MSOT program) of the number of semester/trimester credit units in their degree program of study.

In addition, if at any point a student cannot mathematically complete his/her program within the maximum timeframe, the student will be found to not be making satisfactory progress and will be dismissed. Students dismissed because they must exceed the maximum timeframe in order to complete the program, may appeal the dismissal. If the appeal is approved, the student must return on an academic plan with a specific new maximum timeframe completion rate. Failure to progress at a pace to complete at or prior to the specified date or with the required GPA will result in the student’s dismissal without right of appeal.

The requirements for rate of progress are to ensure that students are progressing at a rate at which they will complete their programs within the maximum allowable time frame. All courses attempted and given a letter grade, including grades not successfully completed such as “D”, “F”, “I”, or “W” will be included as credits attempted and completed in assessing student progress against the maximum allowable time frame. Please see the Grading Scale for grade classifications.