PharmD Co-Curricular Requirements

I. Background

The West Coast University School of Pharmacy (WCU SOP) is committed to establishing excellence beyond the classroom through co-curricular experiences.  The "co-curriculum" relates to activities that complement the academic learning experience; especially activities that engage students with opportunities to learn and refine technical and cognitive skills.  The SOP requires all graduates to strive for the highest qualities of professional development, leadership, self-awareness, and innovation.  These attributes foster responsibility, critical thinking, advocacy, and ethical behaviors that contribute to personal development, the School, citizenship and professional practice.  

II. Co-Curricular Learning Outcomes

Pharmacists are educators and leaders, who work with patients and collaborate with other healthcare professionals to deliver quality patient-centered care.  We endeavor to prepare pharmacists for the provision of pharmaceutical care to an increasingly diverse patient population in a variety of practice environments.  The School strives to reinforce these professional attributes in our students through the completion of co-curricular learning outcomes.  

The co-curricular learning outcomes delineated below are designed to instill knowledge, skills, and attitudes that contribute to the students' development and behaviors outside of the traditional classroom.  The SOP places a high value on professional development, leadership skills, self-awareness, and innovation.  Co-curricular activities and programs may be developed and led by students, faculty, preceptors, and/or interprofessional/student organizations, with goals and measurable outcomes.  

The Co-Curricular Learning Outcomes (Co-CLOs) of the SOP include:

  1. Engage in professional service learning.  (PLO 1,7)
  2. Develop leadership skills.  (PLO 6, 7)
  3. Engage in entrepreneurial activities.  (PLO 7)
  4. Demonstrate self-awareness.  (PLO 7)
III. Requirements

Students are required to fulfill various activities in categories related to leadership, self-awareness, innovation/entrepreneurship, and professionalism.  

List of Activities:

A sample list of example co-curricular activities will be provided to students.  The list is continuously updated throughout the year as additional events are approved.  Students may identify additional activities that qualify as co-curricular requirements.  However, activities MUST be approved by the Co-Curricular Chair and/or Committee BEFORE THEY OCCUR in order to receive credit as completing a co-curricular requirement.  Please be advised that some activities may need a campus activities request form filled out and approved from the School of Pharmacy and/or University.  If the activity occurs after April 1st of any academic year, the activity in which the student participates may be counted toward the requirements for the next professional year.  Student engagement for all events begins counting as co-curricular requirements as early as the beginning of Orientation Week of year 1.  


Participation in co-curricular activities does not guarantee an automatic excused absence from any scheduled class.  Any activity that coincides with scheduled class time requires prior authorization from the course coordinator(s).  It is the student's responsibility to contact the course coordinator(s) at least four weeks in advance of the event to receive final approval and an excused absence.  The decision of the course coordinator(s) is final and cannot be appealed.  It should be noted that it is the responsibility of the student to obtain missed class materials or assignments or make-up any assessment that has resulted from being absent due to an approved co-curricular activity.  To avoid any potential conflicts, students are recommended to participate in activities that occur outside of regularly scheduled class time.  

IV. Documentation

Students are ultimately responsible for documenting their participation in co-curricular activities.  For any co-curricular activity in which the student participates, a specific documentation form must be completed.  In addition, any form of documentation, including a badge, registration form, picture, handout, CE certificate, etc. is required to be uploaded onto RxPortfolio to receive full credit for the activity.  ALL DOCUMENTATION MUST BE TURNED IN AND UPLOADED INTO RXPORTFOLIO WITHIN 1 WEEK OF COMPLETING THE ACTIVITY.  

All assignments and documents must be uploaded into the RxPortfolio for your advisor to review by 11:59 p.m. on April 1 of any academic year for year 1 and year 2 students.  For year 3 and 4 students, all assignments and documents must be uploaded onto RxPortfolio for your advisor to review by 11:59 p.m. on December 1st.  The student's faculty advisor will review each advisee's co-curricular activities to determine successful completion of the requirements on an annual basis.  

V. Assessment

Students are ultimately responsible for completing and uploading any assessments related to co-curricular activity.  Faculty Advisors are responsible to review such documents and assess student co-curricular performance based on the attached rubrics (Appendix I and II).  Please note that a reflection must be completed for each of the categories of leadership, innovation/entrepreneurship and professionalism in both the year 1 and year 2 year.  A reflection for each of the categories of leadership, self-awareness and innovation/entrepreneurship must be completed for year 3 to year 4 students.  In the event that any student is attributed an "Incomplete" or "Does Not Meet Expectation" grade for any co-curricular assessment, a stsudnet must re-write the reflection entry and re-submit the reflection within 10 days of receiving feedback from their faculty advisor.  The names of students who have NOT fulfilled the requirement will be forwarded to the Co-Curricular Committee.  Please note that unsuccessful completion of any co-curricular requirements will delay progression in the program and graduation.  Any act of false documentation will be reported to the Conduct Committee for possible sanction.