Reinstatement Process for Students with Approved Appeals

When the Appeals Committee approves a student’s satisfactory academic progress appeal, the committee will recommend one of the following decisions:

  1. Place the student on academic and satisfactory progress probation for one semester in which to raise the student’s CGPA and rate (pace) of progress to return to satisfactory academic progress. Should a student who has been given one additional semester fail to return to satisfactory academic progress at the end of the additional semester, the student will be dismissed with no right to appeal.
  2. Place the student on an academic plan in consultation with the Dean or Chair of the student’s academic program that will enable the student to return to satisfactory academic progress status. The following requirements apply to Academic Plans:
    1. The plan must be of definite duration that may not extend beyond the number of semesters remaining in the student’s maximum time frame for the program.
    2. A graduate student must be able to achieve a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA by the end of the academic plan period.
    3. Upon completion of the academic plan the student must still be able to complete the program within the maximum time frame.
    4. The academic plan must detail courses to be taken, minimum grades expected and the GPA and rate of completion criteria for each semester for the plan.
    5. The academic plan may also provide expectations related to attendance, remediation, conduct, and other measures intended to lead to academic success.
    6. The program Dean/Chair shall be responsible for monitoring student progress for students on academic plans.
    7. Should a student allowed to continue on an academic plan fail to meet any condition of the academic plan, the student will be dismissed without right to appeal.
    8. Students on academic plans that require the student to audit classes will not be eligible for financial aid on the basis of the audited courses. Financial aid eligibility is based on courses taken for credit. Enrollment status is based on courses taken for credit. Students auditing all classes will be considered withdrawn.

Students given an additional semester(s) to return to satisfactory academic progress, or who are allowed to continue under an academic plan are placed on probation for the designated period.