Request for Reconsideration

If the appellant believes the appeals committee decision or action is contrary to University policy or procedures, he/she may submit a request for reconsideration as long as the request meets the criteria listed below. Requests for reconsideration must be submitted within 10 (ten) days of notification of the Appeals Committee decision.

Requests for Reconsideration must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. University policies were applied incorrectly.
  2. University procedures were not followed.
  3. The Appeals Committee decision is contrary to state or federal law, and/or regulations and/or guidelines.

Appellants must submit a written request for reconsideration to the Director of Student Affairs for review by the Campus Executive Director. Written requests must include all information and documentation submitted to the Appeals Committee. Only information submitted to the Appeals Committee will be considered. A letter citing the reason for the request for reconsideration must be included stating the criteria on which the reconsideration is based, and which aspect of the committee’s decision meets the criteria.

The Director of Student Affairs will review the request to ensure the criteria for reconsideration are met. If the request is incomplete or does not meet the criteria, the Director of Student Affairs will notify the student. If there is uncertainty as to whether the criteria have been met, the request will be forwarded to the Campus Executive Director for review. If the request is complete, the Director of Student Affairs will forward the request to the Campus Executive Director for review.

If the Campus Executive Director does not find sufficient reason to grant the request for reconsideration, the request will be denied, the file closed, and the student will be notified. If the Campus Executive Director determines that the request should be reconsidered, he or she will notify the student and the Appeals Committee in writing within 5 (five) days. The written notification will include (when appropriate):

  1. Reason for request for reconsideration.
  2. If request for reconsideration is granted or denied (meaning whether or not the Executive Director found the evidence submitted warrants asking the Appeals Committee to re-review the appeal – NOT whether or not to overturn the decision).
  3. Decision rationale.

The decision of the Campus Executive Director is final and may not be appealed further. If the request for reconsideration is granted, the Appeals Committee will re-review the appeal and rationale for reconsideration submitted by both the appellant and the Campus Executive Director. The Appeals Committee decision after reconsideration is final and may not be appealed or reconsidered further.

All referenced deadlines and timeframes may be adjusted if both the University and the Appellant are in agreement. Any adjustments must be in writing and signed by both parties.