Teach Out Policy

In the event a decision is made by the University to discontinue a program or track of an existing program, new student enrollment will cease immediately in that program or track. The program or track will be designated as a “teach-out” program. All marketing materials and advertising for the program will be cancelled/withdrawn. Recruitment for the teach-out program will cease. The Dean/Director of the teach-out program will complete a course audit to determine all courses required to enable all students enrolled in the program at the time the decision to teach-out is announced to complete the program. Under such circumstances, students would be required to meet the stipulations of the "teach-out" as expressed below.

The Dean/Director of the teach-out program will design a schedule of courses that will ensure that all remaining courses required for students enrolled in the program will be offered in a sequence and on a schedule that will enable students to complete the program. This schedule will determine a defined maximum program completion time with a teach-out end date. In some cases, a directed study may be necessary in order to enable students to graduate from the program. Faculty and associates required to ensure the orderly teach-out of enrolled students will remain in place until the teach-out end date, so long as their services are required by students to complete their program, assuming normal progression to graduation prior to or on the teach-out end date. All students in the teach-out program will be eligible to receive placement services offered by the University.

  1. The University will assist students enrolled in the program who would like to transfer to another program to complete their degree. Students who transfer will be due no benefit as described in this teach out policy once they have been accepted for transfer.
  2. Students who fall out of sequence in their program as a result of course failure may retake the failed course only if it continues to be offered at the University and the student can still complete the retaken course prior to the teach-out end date. If the course is no longer offered, the student may upon the approval of the Campus Dean/Director complete the course or an equivalent course at either West Coast University or another institution, either face to face or online in order to complete the program.
  3. Students who fail to make satisfactory academic progress and are dismissed from the program following an appeal, or failure to make an appeal will lose their right to benefit under the teach out policy.
  4. Students who are dismissed, take a leave of absence after the announcement of the teach out, or withdraw from the program will be allowed to return only if the program is still offered and the courses required by the student for completion of the program are still offered and the returning student will be able to complete those courses prior to the teach-out end date. The student must file an appeal in order to re-enter the program.
  5. The University commits to providing a schedule to offer all courses needed by students to complete the program in a sequence and on a schedule that will enable them to complete their programs. Students will be expected to take the courses required to complete their programs when offered. Failure of students to take required courses when offered will not obligate the institution to offer the courses again.
  6. Should the University decide to terminate the teach out, all credits earned by students will remain on their transcripts.
  7. Teach out plans must be approved by Academic and Operations Councils, Co-President of Academics, and Co-President of University and Business Operations.