University Values

Student Centricity

Our organization puts students and their long-term success at the center of our values.  We do not believe that customer-service as it applies to our students is mutually exclusive from student centricity, thus we are committed to serving our students even as we partner with them on the transformational educational journey they are engaged in.  

Learn + Grow = Thrive

As a learning organization, we are committed to helping each member of our organizational community learn, and in so doing, get just a little better all the time.  We are committed to the notion that in a time of hyperturbulence, helping both our students and our associates continue to learn ultimately leads to their growth.  

Team Oriented 

As we observe in the world of professional athletics, the best teams emphasize the concept of team over the individual, realizing that the whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts.  


There are two definitions that are equally apropos for this value:  that authority would be equally vested in a number of colleagues, and that collegiality is reflected by a sense of camaraderie amongst those colleagues. 


We are committed to ensuring visibility into the work and the outcomes of each associate, and ever-so-much-the-more when it comes to illuminating "bad news" so as to quickly intervene.  

Consensus Driven

We believe that in the multitude of input, risk is diminished and quality decisions are more apt to be achieved, ultimately leading to improved outcomes.