Campus Transfer

Students requesting to transfer to another West Coast University campus must ensure the following requirements are met:
• Space and appropriate courses must be available at the new campus to which the student wished to transfer
• Apply for campus transfer through Student Services by the Friday of week seven (7),
• Must be confirmed by the Campus Registrar as making satisfactory academic progress,
• Must meet the University’s attendance standards
• Must be in good financial and academic standing with the current campus,
• Must have no violations of the Student Code of Conduct.
Eligibility to transfer to another campus may not be approved by the Academic or Program Dean if the student has previously failed or been reinstated after academic dismissal. Students should contact their Dean regarding eligibility under this policy. Approval from the appropriate Dean and Executive Directors at both campuses must be received prior to approval.
If the student is requesting a transfer after starting core courses, the individual must meet all core entry requirements, including but not limited to prerequisites coursework and clinical/fieldwork requirements.
All grades for all courses attempted at both WCU campuses will be used to calculate the student’s cumulative grade point average and rate of satisfactory academic progress.

Please Note: The Dental Hygiene program is approved by the Commission on Dental Accreditation to be offered at the Orange County campus only, so all courses in the Dental Hygiene Program, including general education, must be taken at the Orange County campus.