Transfers to a New Program

Students who have begun the coursework of one academic program and who wish to transfer to another program must seek permission from the program Dean/Chair and meet all admissions requirements for the program to which they seek to transfer. Students are required to meet with the Director of Financial Aid, Program Dean/Chair, and Registrar before a program transfer may be granted.

Impact of Program Transfers or Additional Degrees on Satisfactory Academic Progress for Undergraduate Students

Should a student be approved to transfer from one program of study to another or should a student wish to obtain an additional degree, attempted and completed coursework within the University will be treated as completed credits within the new program only if the courses pertain to the new program of study as outlined in the catalog. In such cases, attempted and completed credits will be considered in determining satisfactory academic progress from both a cumulative grade point average calculation and maximum allowable time frame perspective. The Registrar shall document in the student’s record those courses completed by the student that have been accepted for transfer to the new program.