PHAR 906 Translational Medicine

The overarching goal of biomedical research is to reduce the burden of human disease. The term bench-to-bedside is often used to describe the scientific path that is taken to develop new treatments. Transitional medicine is structured to provide students with experience of learning about cutting-edge areas in molecular medicine.  Creating connections between scientific advances and clinical needs is a skill that pharmacists require to provide evidence-based, pharmaceutical care.  The goal of this course is to engage students in discussions of topics in transitional medicine, improve critical thinking skills to execute evidence-based practice, and expose students to high-quality, clinical and transitional research.  As we move toward accountable care where improvement in patient short- and long-term outcomes may dictate success and failure, leveraging modern research findings to accelerate improvement in patient outcomes will be critical. 




B- or better grade in PHARM 637 and PHARM 638 - Biosystem I and II or Approval of Course Coordinator