PHAR 935 Special Populations - Pediatrics and Geriatrics

Provides a continuation of learning in the areas of therapeutics and patient care in unique patient populations. Pediatric topics will go beyond what is covered in the core curriculum by including neonatal critical care, congenital heart disease, pediatric advanced life support (PALS) and renal disease. Geriatric topics will include palliative care, frailty, fall-risk-increasing drugs, polypharmacy, and drug-induced diseases. Topics will be covered in this course through team-based learning exercises, lectures, quizzes and OSCE’s that will provide the students practice in working with these patient populations. The course expands on the knowledge and skills discussed in the core curriculum for students interested in working with these patient populations and to help prepare the students to manage these patient populations during their APPE’s.  




PHAR 735, 737, 740, 742, 744, 835, 837


PHAR 840