PHAR 992 APPE - Hospital Pharmacy Practice

The advanced institutional APPE allows the student, under the supervision of a preceptor, the opportunity to experience the integrated delivery of patient-centered care in an institutional setting with a focus on continuity of care. This APPE will further develop the student’s pharmacotherapeutic knowledge; strengthen clinical skills and enhance confidence in clinical decision making in the therapeutic management of patients in this practice setting. Students learn the goals of clinical intervention and the steps necessary to execute those interventions effectively in a multidisciplinary team. Students engage in pharmacy operations management; services associated with automated drug distribution and control; contribution to quality improvement programs and patient safety provisions at the site; active participation in the pharmacy services provided by the department including evaluating medication orders, assessing patient drug therapy, creating pharmaceutical care plans, recording medication histories, medication reconciliation, discharge counseling; participating in formulary processes; as well as developing an understanding of interdepartmental relationships within the institution and health system.




Successful completion of all didactic coursework




240 experiential contact hours / 240 total hours per term