From the President

Congratulations on your decision to pursue higher education and for making this important investment in your future.  For over a century, West Coast University (WCU) has helped students pursue their educational and professional dreams. Our focus on our students and our commitment to educational excellence and social responsibility is unwavering.  Our University is recognized for its success in developing aspiring professionals who lead rewarding lives in service to others, their community and around the globe.

Our WCU community embraces cultural diversity. I encourage you to use your interactions within our community to better understand and learn from the aspects that make us unique as well as the commonalities that bring us together. Understanding brings acceptance and fellowship, and better prepares our students for their future careers. 

We are committed to supporting you through your educational journey. Ours is a community centered on students’ success, providing you with hands-on experiences, innovative approaches to learning, and valuable connections for successful careers.

To support you in this educational process, we have recruited faculty and dedicated support team members.  We provide technologically advanced and well-equipped campuses as learning hubs.  We focus on supporting all students in the educational journey.  And, fundamentally, we believe we are not successful unless you are successful. 

It is important to remember that there are no shortcuts to getting an outstanding education.  We believe you will benefit most if you earn your education through hard work and engaged learning, and in so doing, you will develop the competencies and confidence so needed in our ever changing world. 

Welcome to one of the most exciting and fulfilling journeys of your life!




Ward Ulmer

Co-President, West Coast University