College of Nursing

West Coast University (WCU) is committed to the education of students who have the desire to enter or advance in the nursing profession at various levels of experience. Nursing students are supported through innovative methods to develop critical thinking skills necessary to provide nursing interventions to a diverse population. The mission of the College of Nursing is to provide evidence based and innovative nursing education to culturally diverse learners; preparing nurses to provide quality and compassionate care responsive to the needs of the community and the global society. The philosophy of the College of Nursing is that education is a continuous process, occurring in phases throughout an individual’s lifetime. Nurses are lifelong learners and critical thinkers.

The purpose of the Nursing programs at WCU is to provide the essential body of knowledge and experiences necessary to prepare students for the program of their choice based on their level of experience. 

Programs in the College of Nursing calculate completion rates for accreditation (i.e. CCNE, CNEA) reporting by dividing the number of students who graduate within a specified reporting period, minus those excluded, by the number of students expected to graduate within the reporting period. Completion rates are calculated using the maximum duration of a program’s published program length.