OCC 660 Preparation for Practice II-B (Fieldwork II-B)

Basic tenets of occupational therapy in the provision of services under the supervision of a licensed occupational therapist. Student will successfully complete two (2) thirteen (13) week Level II fieldwork experiences. Students will articulate and apply appropriate theories, model of practice and frames of reference in the provision of OT evaluation and intervention. Students’ participation to include in-depth experiences by selecting, applying, interpreting, and documenting standardized, and non-standardized evaluations and intervention plans to assist in the delivery of services. Students will have the opportunity to practice in a variety of clinical or community-based settings. The fieldwork experience is designed to develop clinical reasoning, professionalism, and clinical competency. It is also intended to develop professional skills consistent with the profession’s ethics and standards. It involves applying previously learned knowledge to providing occupational therapy services to children and/or adults in the community. Students will develop entry level competencies by the end of the FW2 experience as defined by achieving the minimal passing score or above on the AOTA Level II Fieldwork Evaluation. Course delivery methods for teaching and learning include face-to-face.